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    Bebout Family Medicine is truly dedicated to its patients. Something I was unable to be working for a large corporation.

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In case of emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If NOT an emergency and you are a Member, Call Dr. Bebout.
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Dr Bebout is Direct primary care physician taking an active role in offering a better service to the citizens of Union County.
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Please call (270) 997-4040 to schedule an appointment. You can also email: appointments@beboutfamilymedicine.com
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Monday 8:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm - 7:00pm Wednesday 8:00am - 5:00pm Thursday 12:00pm - 7:00pm Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm
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Membership Patients get 24/7 access to Dr Bebout. Text or call and if needed... He will meet you at the office anytime, day or night.
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Influenza and the Influenza vaccine.

Dr. William Bebout
Influenza is a common and potentially dangerous respiratory illness. The amount of effect it has on the general population in terms of overall illness and loss of work/school time is staggering. Influenza is an upper respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses A&B. These viruses are prevalent in the environment but peak illness seems to occur in the fall and winter months in temperate climates.
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Testimonials Of Patients

I just have to say this to you Dr. B. 8 years ago you started treating me. I was a mess. I could hardly walk because my legs were so swollen from fluid from vasculitis. My weight was so out if control from thyroid. In and out of the hospital so much. You needed me to lose weight being that I was only a few lbs. away from 400. 😭 YOU didn’t give up on me. Due to all that you implemented in my care, I was able to take that with me when I moved, and my new Drs followed the path you set in motion. Today, I've lost almost 200lbs, on my own, no surgery. My health is 80% better than ever, and I believe it us because of YOU! I'll always have health issues, but my life is so much better, and my son, Daniel, who you had also treated him, (he USE to walk on his toes) not anymore! You started treating him at 5, he’s now 14, and, again you made sure my most amazing gift was always taken care of. I remember one day, Dan was sick, I posted on fb that he was since, and we were at the ER. You messaged me and wanted to know why I took him to the ER. I told you I called, and you had no openings. You were not happy. You reminded me that that WLL NOT happen again. You said, you didn’t care how late people had to stay, no child was going to be turned away. The reason I'm putting all this personal stuff here is because I want everyone to know what a blessing, they are getting by having you as their Dr. I know they probably already know, but I needed them to know, or remember the dedication and compassion (even when you get pissed at us for not doing what you told us to do to get better😅) it’s because you truly care about each and every person you treat. I pray that everyone else has wonderful out comes like we did, and like my Aunt & Uncle did, (Bill & Barbara Heidrich) Thank you all you did for us, we may be far away now, but I'm still so very grateful, and my son, and my husband are so happy that I can now enjoy life it its fullest.😉😁 THANK YOU!!!! Congrats in your new practice!👏👏👏🥂 Loretta & Daniel
Doc has always been easy to talk to with no need for any uncomfortable encounter leaving you with a million unanswered questions when you get home. He has always valued his patients as important individuals who deserve individualized treatment plans-no cooker cutter 15 minute slots and for that I was always grateful!
Dr. B is not only a great doctor he’s a wonderful human being. For years he was or family’s primary physician and we can’t wait for him to get us back into rotation. A little story ... For months I saw doc come our way on his day off ? I told him to stop by and check in , catch up on some hunting stories but he never seemed to have time ? I later found out that on his day off he was visiting home bound ( Hospice) patients that couldn’t leave home ...... out of the goodness of his heart. OH and when my kids were playing sports guess who was always on the sidelines?? Feel free to ask me about who Dr. William Bebout is and what I Recommend.

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This is going to hurt by Adam Kay

  This is going to hurt I recently finished reading “This is going to Hurt” by Adam Kay.  This book is a collection of diary entries and anecdotes written by a former British NHS OB/GYN.  It documents his medical career from the time he started post medical school training up until the time that he […]

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Who among you are committed diet cola drinkers?

I could never develop the taste for diet soft drinks.  If it wasn’t the real thing, then I didn’t want it.  I know, regular soft drinks are loaded with sugar and aren’t good for you either.  There is just something about that carbonated burn that is thirst quenching and satisfying.  Water is good but I […]

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Western Kentucky Beauty!

When the snow falls, winter in Western Kentucky can be absolutely beautiful!  I captured this majestic animal on a trail cam after a recent snow event. I also have a venison recipe here.

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